COVID-19 Updates




We are currently back to a normal schedule working from 8:30-2. Our office is taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our patients and our staff. Patients will be kept at least 7 feet apart and we will be following CDC guidelines. We recommend that all parents that are bringing a child in for an appointment wait in their car. At that time, we ask that you call or text the office to notify us that you have arrived for the appointment. At that point we will ask the patient to come in on their own if possible. We will take the patients temperature as we greet them at the door (with a handheld thermometer to the forehead). If the patient has temperature of 99 degrees or higher, we will have the patient return to the car, and we will reschedule the appointment for a future date. Assuming no temperature, the patient will be directed to an operatory chair for their orthodontic visit. We are limiting the number of patients to 4 patients per hour and we are seeing patients in every other chair to insure a space of greater than 7 feet between patients (social distancing). We are taking extra measures to ensure that every operatory is fully disinfected between patients. Our staff is being held to the same standards in all these respects to ensure that both patients and staff are protected to the fullest measures. We will text or call the parent when the appointment is finished. Payments can be made over the phone, or if paying by check or cash can be sent in with the patient (other arrangements can be made). Most paperwork/forms that need to be signed can be done via email. The exception to the above will be our new patients, because obviously parents will need to be present at the consultation.

On behalf of our office staff:

Kalley, Leah, Lindsey, Susie, Heather, Kelly and Marie

Thank you for having chosen our team here at Masterpiece Smiles for your orthodontic treatment.

Glenn Lewis, DDS